Children 18 months to 7 years including:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Down syndrome
Dual Language Learners
Intellectual Disabilities
and many others with speech language delays


As an SLP, I understand the importance of collaborating with parents to support their children. SS4Kids was simple to integrate into my teletherapy sessions with my clients and was effective at eliciting language in a fun and supportive environment.”
– Speech Language Therapist in a Public School District

Your Challenge

Our Solution

You have limited time with your child.
SS4Kids teams parents with professionals to create routine interventions at home, providing more child training time.
You would like to educate and motivate parents to participate.
SSS4Kids offers training videos, a private Facebook Group and Early Childhood specialists for advice and support.
You need reliable and time-saving reporting of the child’s progress.
SS4Kids provides real time progress reports, encouraging more collaboration between professionals and parents.
You seek ways to incorporate your theraputic practices into te child’s everyday routines.
SS4Kids evidence-based music intervention reinforces vocabulary words, generalization and socialization in the home environment.


Create your parent and professional team.

Family fun time during gameplay.
Parent training videos with online support.
Shared data tracking and progress reports.
Access to experts through SS4Kids Facebook group.




SS4KIDS serves as a training tool to develop socio-communication skills, and is NOT meant as a device to be used throughout the day in all environments. As the child learns to speak, this support system gradually fades, so the child can better attain generalization, spontaneous communication and independence of the program. Parents incorporate the lyrics and target words throughout the day with other family and friends, and in school. Fading happens on three levels:


As the child plays, their learning is tracked in realtime. The data is formatted into easy-to-read graphs, which can be shared between the team of professionals and the child’s parent.

Pre-and Post-Assessment data is also available for tracking the child’s progress on each song and target vocabulary word. 

Reports Graphs


Children with ASD
verbal Production Scores *
Children with ASD - Graph
SS4KIDS combines Neurologic Music Therapy, mobile digital services and game play as an effective intervention for helping children with speech delays. Many research studies have linked musical and linguistic skills (1). Children with ASD often respond actively to music and music therapy, showing effectiveness in improving socio-communication deficits (2). Developmental Speech Language Training through Music, an NMT protocol used in SS4Kids, has shown improved outcomes for speech production with children 3-5 years old with ASD (3) (see results in chart*).

1- Moreno, 2009, Contemporary Music Review, Vol.28, 2009, Issue 3: Exploring Music
through Neuroscience: Moreno et al., 2011, Phychological Science 22(11),
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2- Kim et al., 2009, Autism, 13(4), 389-409; Laplan et al., 2005, Journal of Music Therapy, 42(1), 2-19.

*3- Lim, 2010, Journal of Music Therapy, 47(1), 2-26; Lim 2007, Dissertation, University of Miami


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Team up with parents and have access to data tracking and progress reports.

Invite parents to join @$9.99/month per child.

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