Evidence based research shows that Sing and Speak 4 Kids stimulates language development in children ages 18 months to 7 years, but it can also be effective and fun for a broader age range.

Yes! Research shows that music stimulates the brain to reach language centers more effectively in children, regardless of developmental ability. Sing and Speak 4 Kids can turn fun into quality learning time for the whole family, including for English Language Learners.

All internet devices and sizes can be used to play SS4Kids. Portability is an advantage for sitting comfortably and in a quiet environment, so tablets and laptops are recommended.

The parent must first be registered with SS4Kids. They will send an invite to the professional through their SS4Kids account. The professional will receive an email invite to register and accept the invite. Please see the FAQs inside the game for more info on selecting a child.

Yes. When playing with a group of children, make sure you have not selected an individual child by going to the My Account page and selecting “No Child”. When playing with a group of children, no data is recorded in the system.

When a parent/child is registered, their gameplay data will automatically be recorded and tracked. In addition, SS4Kids offers (per song) an option of Advanced Progress Tracking, which assesses a baseline pre- gameplay speech-language level, and a post- gameplay for measuring progress.

SS4Kids is available for $9.99 per month per child. Institutional licenses are offered. Professionals may sign up for free (no child progress tracking available). For scholarship and other membership inquiries, please contact info@singandspeak4kids.com.

Only registered SS4Kids users and professionals who request permission to join this private group are allowed. As part of this group, you will have access to our latest research, protocols, advice from Subject Matter Experts and peer-to-peer support.

At this time we are only offering SS4Kids in the USA. For further information, please contact info@singandspeak4kids.com.

iQsonics is an LLC founded in 2016 that developed Sing and Speak 4 Kids (SS4Kids) as their flagship program. To learn more, check out our Annual Reports.