Expert Dojo 2016 Interview with iQsonics


Expert Dojo 2016 Interview with iQsonics

David Sonnenschein, iQsonics Co-Founder and CEO, participated in the extraordinary week-long Investor Festival at Expert Dojo in Santa Monica, meeting 150 fellow entrepreneurs and 60 VC and angel investors and crowdfunders.

During that week Expert Dojo CEO Brian McMahon invited David to an interview on their program TradioV, discussing “HOW TO BUILD AN IMPACT BUSINESS WITH SPEECH LANGUAGE KIDS, VEGGIDOME & IQSONICS.” They discussed impact investing, how to make a positive change while creating a viable business. The stories of how problems and their solutions are created give inspiration to many start-up ventures.

Check out David’s interview sections at 15:00-17:00 and 38:00-45:00.

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