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David Sonnenschein–This Month’s Featured Reader

David Sonnenschein–This Month’s Featured Reader

David Sonnenschein’s passions of art, science and communication guide the mission of his company iQsonics. A neuroscientist, musician, filmmaker and educator, David’s book Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects inspires students and professionals around the world to reach their highest creative and technical potential. This work has extended to those with even more growth potential –  young children – and their preferred learning method – play. “Music provides optimal conditions for neuroplasticity, lighting up the whole brain and facilitating learning, especially in those with language disabilities or delays,” says David.

To manifest this vision, David founded Santa Monica-based iQsonics to produce audio and music projects to promote brain health. His dedication is also fueled by disabilities in his own family that he lives with intimately. Sing and Speak 4 Kidslaunches as the pilot project on iPad with six songs, a home-school-clinic program using evidence-based music therapy to support pre-schoolers with speech delays and autism. Self-financed in association with non-profit fiscal sponsor Earth Rights Institute, and directing a team of clinicians, musical talent, programmers, graphic artists, social media managers, business developers and families, David’s next steps are marketing, fundraising and completing the full 100 song production to help children become speech and language kindergarten-ready. Future versions will enable the kids and families to compose their own songs to boost the kids communication skills.

“We are all about collaboration with and for the community. Parents, teachers, therapists and the kids themselves are giving great feedback and we want this to expand across the globe,” David envisions.   To support this mission, David and iQsonics are currently seeking caregivers (parents, teachers, therapists) of 2-8 year old kids with speech delays for testing, research and marketing volunteers, key influencers to help spread the word, donations, grants and angel investors. Contact David at david@iqsonics.com.

Donations to Sing and Speak 4 Kids: http://earthrightsinstitute.org/about/sponsorships/121-iqsonics


Expert Dojo interview with iQsonics

David Sonnenschein, iQsonics Co-Founder and CEO, participated in the extraordinary week-long Investor Festival at Expert Dojo in Santa Monica, meeting 150 fellow entrepreneurs and 60 VC and angel investors and crowdfunders.

During that week Expert Dojo CEO Brian McMahon invited David to an interview on their program TradioV, discussing “HOW TO BUILD AN IMPACT BUSINESS WITH SPEECH LANGUAGE KIDS, VEGGIDOME & IQSONICS.” They discussed impact investing, how to make a positive change while creating a viable business. The stories of how problems and their solutions are created give inspiration to many start-up ventures.

Check out David’s interview sections at 15:00-17:00 and 38:00-45:00. Click on this link:




Audio & Music for Brain Health

Welcome to the world of iQsonics where sound and neuroscience come together for health, education and fun.

Our team of researchers, neuroscientists, musicians, artists, therapists and educators are designing products and services that reach the target population in clinics, schools and families at home.

The flagship program we are currently prototyping is a Sing and Speak 4 Kids, a music-based computer program for children with delayed language development (including autism) to learn how to speak, based on a clinically tested music therapy technique that has shown great promise as a complement to standard speech therapy for this target public.

There are currently 60,000 ASD children between 2-5 years old in the US who will benefit from this therapeutic model. Our goal is to make this language program game available online to all these children and their Training Team of therapists, teachers and parents.