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Welcome to the world of iQsonics where sound and neuroscience come together for health, education and fun.

Our team of researchers, neuroscientists, musicians, artists, therapists and educators are designing products and services that reach the target population in clinics, schools and families at home.

The flagship program we are currently prototyping is a Sing and Speak 4 Kids, a music-based computer program for children with delayed language development (including autism) to learn how to speak, based on a clinically tested music therapy technique that has shown great promise as a complement to standard speech therapy for this target public.

There are currently 60,000 ASD children between 2-5 years old in the US who will benefit from this therapeutic model. Our goal is to make this language program game available online to all these children and their Training Team of therapists, teachers and parents.

Meet the Team

David Sonnenschein, Founder and CEO

David Sonnenschein


Neuroscientist, musician, filmmaker, sound designer and educator, David puts together these experiences towards musical games for children that will enhance their cognitive, social and creative skills. Author of “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema” and audio consultant for EA’s Mass Effect 3, Nickelodeon TV, and countless film productions, he has taught in dozens of universities and professional centers throughout the world. David began his musical career as a symphony clarinetist, then expanded into jazz, world music and sound healing with the didgeridoo. He has directed feature films, documentaries and music videos, now developing fun interactive programs for education and health.

Hayoung Lim

Hayoung Lim, PhD

Director of Science

Hayoung is Professor of Music Therapy and Director of Music Therapy Clinic at Oral Roberts University (ORU).  She is also a board-certified, neurologic music therapist (NMT Fellow) and current member of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). Her Ph.D. degree in Music Education from the University of Miami is based on her dissertation“The Effect of Developmental Speech-Language Training through Music in Speech Production in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders,”published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, UK.

Abdi Bazleh

Abdi Bazleh

Director of Marketing & Finance

As CEO and CFO of several start-ups and industrial manufacturing companies, Abdi has over 40 years of experience in marketing and finance, including international markets. He holds a BSc in Business & Economics, Certified Project Management from University of California Irvine, Certified Financial Advisor from The University of Melbourne, and is a Licensed Insurance & Real Estate Broker.

Chakrit Prasatwattana

Chakrit Prasatwattana

Web Developer

A Bangkok native, Chakrit started as a student intern for IBM, eventually becoming the IT Director for Sentinal Co in Thailand. Among the computer languages that he is fluent in are HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Javascript (ES6), Java, C++.

Joanne Manzella

Joanne Manzella

Developer & Graphics

Joanne has spent many years in the software industry as a developer and System and Database Administrator for large software development companies and spends most of her current time as a web and graphic designer.  Her experience and skill set has helped her also hold the role as tech support and product manager.

Anthony Salgado

Anthony Salgado

Web Developer

Anthony made the transformation from an investment banking analyst to a web developer. His love for making something from the ground up led him to coding. He is fluent in JavaScript, Ruby, HTML5 and CSS.

Jahna Perricone

Jahna Perricone

Vocal Talent

Singer, voice teacher and Certified Mindfulness Facilitator through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center at Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, Jahna is also Director of Mindfulness Programs at C3, Center for Conscious Creatives.

Kyle Hillbrand

Kyle Hillbrand

Game Programmer & Music Composer

Kyle trained at NYU, Manhattan School of Music, and Universität der Kunste Berlin, had compositions presented in U.S. and Europe., and performed piano, guitar, and drums with ensembles and bands including Red Light New Music and Mighty Five. Currently, he is designing and programming video games with music-based content.

Annie de La Bouillerie Goeke

Annie de La Bouillerie Goeke

Director ERI, Non-Profit Sponsor

Anne de la Bouillerie Goeke founded Earth Rights Institute in 2001 and has decades of leadership and experience in planning, developing, and maintaining programs using sustainable, holistic approaches for social enterprises and community building worldwide.

Joel Anderson

Animation Artist

Animator and published cartoonist diagnosed with autism at age 3, Joel is a valued spokesperson for Autism Awareness to thousands in schools, universities, corporations, radio shows and conferences alongside Temple Grandin.

Donna Ayers

Donna Ayers

Executive Administrator

Donna was a writer/producer of television promotions before combining her communications knowledge with her passion for local and global outreach. She participated in acquiring over $1.5 million in grants and donations for education and initiated one of the first community joint-use park spaces in Los Angeles.

Dina Hernandez

Dina Hernandez

Research Assistant

Dina is an MSW applicant and finished her B.S. in Sociology and Psychology at Cal State University, Northridge. She has developed her skills working with bilingual children and families in the non-profit sector. Her curiosity and excitement for research have led her to pursue experiences that will aide her core practices, leading to transformed communities.

Justin Ayers

Justin Ayers

Social Media Coordinator

Justin is currently studying Art & Design with a concentration in Photography and Video at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and brings his years of artistic and social media experience to the team.

Advisory Board

Erica Ellis

Erica Ellis, PhD

Communication Disorders

Erica Ellis is an assistant professor at California State University, Los Angeles in the Department of Communication Disorders. She earned her PhD from UC San Diego and San Diego State University’s Joint Doctoral Program in Language and Communicative Disorders. Her research focuses on examining lexical and cognitive processing skills in children with language disorders.

Brooke Ingersoll

Brooke Ingersoll, PhD


Associate Professor at Michigan State U., Dr. Ingersoll’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of social communication interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder, including self-directed telehealth parent-mediated intervention.

Laura Jana

Laura Jana, MD


Specializing in the areas of maternal child health, parenting and health communication, early nutrition and obesity prevention and early childhood development, Dr. Jana has authored two parenting books for the American Academy of Pediatrics and The Toddler Brain: Nurture the Skills Today that Will Shape Your Child’s Tomorrow.

Anthoula Poulakos

Anthoula Poulakos, PhD

Developmental Psychology

Dr. Poulakos is a developmental psychologist and research scientist focused on evidence-based policy implementation and intervention, which includes promoting healthy early childhood social/emotional, cognitive and language outcomes among typically and atypically developing children. She has served as a research consultant, and researcher for large scale studies with the goal of informing policy and practice for vulnerable populations.

Laura Dilley

Laura Dilley, PhD

Speech & Hearing Bioscience and Technology

Associate Profession, Dept. of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Michigan State U.  Dr. Dilley’s expertise lies in the musical aspects of speech and of music/language connections. Her research focuses on assessment and intervention in populations with communication disorders, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Christopher Harz

Christopher Harz, EdD

Marketing and Technology Development

Specializing in collaborative learning, international technology marketing and cognitive psychology, Dr. Harz has worked with RAND Corporation, Teledyne and Virtual Agility. His expertise focuses on technology to improve cognitive and affective aspects of learning, including wearable sensors, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and telemedicine.

Elaine Hall

Elaine Hall

Autism Consultant

Elaine is director of The Miracle Project, a pioneer in the use of inclusive music and theatre as transformation for children and adults with autism. Writer, motivational speaker and educator appearing on CNN, CBS, Oprah Radio and NPR, her memoir Now I See the Moon was the official selection for the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day.

Alix Generous

Alix Generous

Mental Health Advocate and App Developer

Alix’s childhood was hindered with undiagnosed Autism until she learned to harness her gifts. Now at 23, she has spoken at the United Nations, given three TED talks, and has over 3 years of experience working in neuroscience research at Tufts University School of Medicine and Medical University of South Carolina. She co-founded the social impact and technology company Podium (formerly AutismSees) and developed their first product“Podium”, an iOS Application that teaches vocational and presentation skills to autistic youth.

Stuart Fordyce

Stuart Fordyce

Autism Advocate & Educator

Filmmaker, musician and composer, Stuart has taught and advocated for students with autism for 30 years. He built an inclusive arts program in a public middle school and is a founding member of Boston Film/Video Foundation, funded by NEA and WGBH, supporting film and video artists including Dance for the Camera, Frames of Reference and Nam June Paik.

Lynn Crandall

Lynn Crandall

Health & Arts Consultant

Director of USC Institute of Genetic Medicine Art Gallery, linking science, arts, technology and community on local, national and global levels. Lynn is a State of California Master Teacher and participates in artAngels.org, SoCal Sister Cities International, L.A./Nagoya Sister Cities Association and Society for the Arts in Healthcare. 

Jacquie Beaubien

Jacquie Beaubien, EdD

Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Jacquie is an expert in the social psychology of learning and motivation. She has extensive experience working with researchers on scaling up evidence-based approaches to improving student motivation, achievement, and educational equity. Her work focuses both on helping educators understand how to integrate research insights into their practice, and on helping researchers better understand the contexts, needs, and practical constraints of educators. She earned her BA in psychology from Stanford University and her EdD from UCLA.

Shelley Cox

Shelly P. Cox

Early Childhood Education

Shelley founded Step by Step Early Childhood Development Program in 1998 which continues to provide comprehensive services for children with and without developmental delays, emphasizing therapies including “Floortime”, Play Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Joseph Khan

Joseph Khan


Marketing & Analytics pro for Asia Pacific region with base in Singapore. Co-founder of Cloudio, providing marketing automation solutions. Formerly worked with the Wunderman group and handled projects for X-Box, Unilever and Microsoft in the Asia Pacific region.

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